Annual Meeting


Agenda (PDF, 113 kb)

Agenda Overview

This year participants are invited to sign up for the Sunday afternoon Walnut Masters golf tournament at the Resort’s 18-hole Firekeeper Golf course!

As a special welcome to Kansas we are hosting a Sunday night reception at the Kansas History Museum!  Participants will be served an excellent assortment of hors d’oeuvres, wines & local beers as well as non-alcoholic drinks. Free access to the museum is offered throughout the evening.

Monday’s field tour features the Copperhead Hill Ranch where KS Agroforestry award winner, John Buchanan has established a successful alley cropping system among oaks, walnuts & other high quality hardwoods. Agroforestry experts will provide presentations on design, establishment, and maintenance on a variety of practices.

Monday evening sessions will include fire and oak regeneration, tick borne diseases and landowner show and tell followed by our famous hospitality suite, where the real adventure begins. We look forward to a discussion with Arkansas Extension Forester Dr. Tamara Walkingstick about “Women Owning Woodlands.”

Tuesday we are back to the field for some excellent woodland management sessions, discussion on woodland birds and the importance of riparian forest management in Kansas related to water issues. Dr. Bill Reid, former KSU pecan specialist will lead an in-door afternoon presentation on nut production along with other presentations.

Wednesday morning a breakfast buffet kicks off this day followed by technical sessions on ambrosia beetles and walnut plantations, fire and thinning oak woodlands and other topics.