Walnut Council Bulletin

June 2011 Issue

Presidents Message

Greetings all,
The Board has been busy trying to transition the Walnut Council into its next sustainable phase. Part of the process is a membership survey intended to find out what it takes to recruit and retain members. You will be receiving a survey in the mail. More...

Welcome New Members

We are pleased to welcome these new members to the Walnut Council since the last newsletter. More...

Nominees Selected for Board of Directors

The following board roles are normally filled in the odd numbered years for a two year term. More...

State Chapter Reports

The Indiana chapter held a joint meeting with the Ohio chapter on Saturday April 30th in Dearborn County, Indiana. Forty-five 45 toured an exceptional property with hosts Wayne Burnett and Rita Hoffman. More reports from Indiana, Missouri, Iowa and Kansas...

Submit a Project to the Walnut Council Foundation

The Walnut Council Foundation supports special project and research grants to individuals or institutions doing projects on eastern black walnut (Juglans nigra), butternut (J. cinerea), and associated high value hardwoods. More...

Annual Meeting

July 29- August 1, 2018
Dubuque, Iowa (with tours in WI)
Chairs: Manfred Mielke and Cindy Heisdorffer

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Thousand Cankers Disease

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