Walnut Council Foundation


The Walnut Council Foundation was formed to provide supplemental financial support to the Walnut Council. It is a not-for-profit corporation for charitable and educational purposes.

There are two classifications of gifts:

  1. Unrestricted gifts have no specific stipulations attached to them. They enable the Foundation to meet goals and allocate funds for projects considered to be of greatest importance by the council.
  2. Designated gifts stipulate a specific use such as specialized program needs, equipment, teaching aids, capital construction, endowments or general development.

The Foundation has a 501 (c)(3) status with the IRS which means all gifts may be tax-deductible.

Please consider making a contribution to the Walnut Council Foundation

Bob Burke
Walnut Council Foundation

Annual Meeting

July 29- August 1, 2018
Dubuque, Iowa (with tours in WI)
Chairs: Manfred Mielke and Cindy Heisdorffer

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