"40 Years of Learning"—Annual Meeting Highlights

Walnut Council Bulletin

"40 Years of Learning" — Annual Meeting Highlights

Sunday speaker shares his Midwestern view

Tom Springer, author of Looking for Hickories, the Forgotten Wilderness of the Rural Midwest, will be sharing his story Sunday evening. Tom is a senior editor at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation in Battle Creek, Michigan and has written for a number of nature and outdoor travel publications.

His book cover says, "A new voice reveals the unique character of the upper Midwest. Touching and humorous by turns, Looking for Hickories captures the essence of the upper Midwest's character with subjects particular to the region yet often universal in them, from barn building to land preservation to the neglected importance of various trees in the landscape." Michigan members Stuart and Nancy Cok both read his book and found it be delightful.

Straight from the Heart(wood): Comedian Mimi Gonzalez to Entertain

The Michigan Walnut Council proudly presents one of their own members as the Tuesday banquet entertainment. She's a comedy veteran whose appearances include the "Today" show, Comedy Central and Logo. A Michigan native, Mimi Gonzalez has not only lived on either coast, she has seen every one of the fifty states and can tell you where walnuts grow best - her yard.

Her work has taken her around the world to entertain the US military including two tours of Iraq and one of Afghanistan along with Japan, Guam, Korea, Bosnia and Kosovo. All the while picking up nuts and tree seeds whenever she can because she truly is "Nuts for Trees" - what she named her small bit of dark heartwood paradise. Find her at www.mimgonzalez.com or singing the praises of her A.M. Leonard walnut hopper - the best back-saving investment of $50 she's spent yet in this venture. She also thinks it's time someone invented a walnut stove seeing how well they burn.

Optional Charter Fishing Tour

On Wednesday, July 28th at the conclusion of the meeting, we will travel to Grand Haven on the shores of Lake Michigan for an exceptional charter boat trip. Leaving from the Grand River (internationally rated one of the most productive fresh water fisheries) we will travel onto Lake Michigan where the might Chinook salmon prowl. Tammy Too charters have 37' boats and is equipped with the very latest in fish finding, navigational and safety equipment.

Tammy Too provides all fishing tackle, cleaning and bagging of your fish, hot coffee, and rain gear. You should bring: sun glasses, non-slip shoes, wind breaker, camera, suntan lotion, billed hat, food and beverages, cooler to transport your fish, and fishing license (1 day license available on board). See www.tammytoocharters.com for more information.

This beautiful 1/2 day on the lake surrounded by Walnut Council friends is available at a rate of $100. Mark this option on your registration form and enclose payment with your meeting registration. Our fishing captains who'll help us celebrate our 40th anniversary are the most experienced, knowledgeable and luckiest on Lake Michigan. Start looking up your favorite fish recipes - you'll need them!