Harvesting and Economics

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Harvesting and Economics

When to Harvest Trees

This article was written for owners of forestlands managed for timber production. It was written as a result of seeing too many small walnut trees getting cut. There are several good reasons to harvest trees.

When to harvest trees (PDF)

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Sample timber sale contract
This document offers excellent guidelines when preparing a timber sale contract.

Timber Prices on the Web
Timber price reports for most US states and Canada.

Walnut Economics
An article written by Donald A. Nichols, professor emeritus of economics at University of Wisconsin- Madison and presented at the Walnut Council national meeting in August 2009.


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"Top Ten Things To Do When Selling Your Timber"

  1. Only sell timber to a licensed buyer
  2. Get everything in writing before any sale
  3. Only allow marked trees to be sold
  4. Think before you sell
  5. Only sell trees that should be harvested, not just certain diameter trees.
  6. Sell a variety of harvestable trees, not just your best trees.
  7. Only sell cut and scale or on shares if you know how to cut and scale trees.
  8. Avoid cash payments
  9. Avoid a management agreement that gives a company exclusive rights to your trees.
  10. Trees damaged during harvest should not be included.

From The Woodland Steward, Spring 2001, Volume 10, Number 1.