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Walnut Council 2004 Research Symposium Proceedings
Presents papers and abstracts relating to genetic improvement, nursery production, plantation establishment, natural stand management, pest management, agroforestry and economics of black walnut and related Juglans species.

Walnut Council 1996 Research Symposium
Includes 46 manuscripts and abstracts dealing with establishment, management, and utilization of black walnut with emphasis on increased use for agroforestry and nut culture.

Other resources

Forest Landowners Guide to Internet Resources
This listing of internet resources was developed to provide you, the Non-Industrial Private Forest (NIPF) landowner, with a better understanding of the information and resources available on the internet relating to forest stewardship.

The Forestry Forum
Discussion board with topics including forestry, logging, sawmilling, chainsaws. Forestry
General information on forestry topics and a discussion forum.