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State agencies

Contact your state forestry agency and extension office for the best advice for your property and region.

List of state assistance (Word document organized by state)

Federal agencies

Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center
The Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center (HTIRC) is a collaborative regional research, development and technology transfer effort between industry, university, private, state and federal entities to advance tree improvement of central hardwoods for increased forest productivity.

Natural Resources Conservation Service
NRCS works with landowners through conservation planning and assistance to benefit the soil, water, air, plants, and animals for productive lands and healthy ecosystems.

USDA Forest Service State and Private Forestry
S&PF is the federal leader in providing technical and financial assistance to landowners and resource managers to help sustain the Nation's forests

USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station
The Northern Research Station extends across 20 states, comprising both the most densely populated and most heavily forested portion of the US. View current research and inventory data.

Landowner Organizations

American Tree Farm System
The American Tree Farm System® (ATFS) is a network of more than 95,000 woodland owners sustainably managing 26 million acres of forestland.

Northern Nut Growers Association
The Northern Nut Growers Association, Inc. (NNGA) brings together people interested in growing nut trees. Our members include experts in nut tree cultivation, farmers, amateur and commercial nut growers, experiment station workers, horticultural teachers and scientists, nut tree breeders, nursery people, foresters, and beginning nut culturists.

National Woodland Owners Association
The National Woodland Owners Association (NWOA) is a nationwide organization made up of non-industrial private woodland owners.

State Landowner Associations – State associations provide assistance and networking to landowners in each state and information on forestry issues.

List of state associations

Forestry Businesses/Supplies

The Walnut Council does not endorse any of the companies listed. They are listed only as a service to our members.

Advanced Tree Technology
Specializes in genetically superior fast growing trees and shrubs.

Their goal is to continue to produce nursery stock of high quality - mainly for reforestation, windbreaks, and other natural resource plantings.

Forrest Keeling Nursery
Forrest Keeling grows over 97 varieties of seedlings, 122 varieties of RPM® potted liners, 22 species of oaks and 27 varieties of nut trees.

Laake Forest

Long Forestry

Nolin Nursery

Nut wizard
This tool will work in some places that bag a nut will not. Plus if you don't want to spend as much, it will beat picking up seeds, nuts, and apples by hand. It's a wonderful back saving tool.
Connecting buyers and sellers of land, timber, and unprocessed forest products.

Tree Pro
tree shelters and protection tubes.