Current Projects

Walnut Council Foundation

Current Projects

Land and Tree Gifts

The Foundation accepts gifts of land and trees for landowners who would like to see continued management of their walnut plantations or woods through to maturity. Please call the Foundation office to discuss this opportunity to have your woods professionally managed for the long term.

Questions and Answers about Land and Tree Gifts

Walnut Council Foundation Research Grants Program

The Walnut Council Foundation offers research grants to individuals or institutions doing research on eastern black walnut (Juglans nigra), butternut (J. cinerea), and associated high value hardwoods. Grant applications are due by July 1 of each calendar year.

Research Grant Program Guidelines and application form

List of Current Grants Program Projects:

  • Expand germplasm base and search for resistance to thousand canker disease. Expand planting in Utah where thousand cankers disease exists to include more walnut selections and evaluate control measures. Principal Investigators: Timothy Ford and C. Reed Funk
  • Managing Reforestation of Idled Alluvial Tracts with walnut and other hardwoods. Use aerial imagery to identify idled lands suitable for walnut and work landowners to reforest the tracts. Principal Investigators: Harlan Palm
  • Effects of spacing on trees from seed to sapling stage. Provide demonstration site for 2012 WC national meeting. Principal Investigators: John Katzke and Jeremy Parish
  • Establishment of Kansas Seed Orchards from Existing Genetic Plantings. Thin existing genetic plantings to selected sources, test seedling performance, and distribute seed. Principal Investigators: Charles Barden and Wayne Geyer

Annual Meeting Support

The Foundation provides financial support for the technical presentations at the Walnut Council annual meeting. These presentations provide landowners and scientists with the latest research and techniques to grow Black walnut and other fine hardwood trees.